A Sense of Direction and Life Lessons from My Charmin’ Garmin

The people who know me are fully aware that I completely lack a sense of direction. I was simply born without the direction gene. It is not there, it never has been nor will it ever be there in the future. I inherited this trait from my dad, who never knows where he is going, and I have accepted this fact. I can clearly remember the time in New York when my family and I were driving home and ended up in Pennsylvania (obviously, my father was driving the car).
Some people, such as my mom, may not understand how someone can get lost so easily, but the way I see it, it is a waste of time and energy to think about it. I have given up on the hope that I will miraculously obtain the ability to get anywhere in life without asking for directions.
However, I have not given up on technology, and with good reason. Enter Garmin, a navigation system and my new best friend