Depressed by This Paper? Just Pop a Prozac

Watching a commercial for a drug to treat something called restless-leg syndrome, one cannot help thinking, ‘Wow, they aren’t even trying to come up with clever names for these conditions anymore. I wonder if restless leg syndrome has ever been diagnosed in Darfur?’
Of course not. Restless-leg syndrome is one of the dozens of thoroughly exaggerated and totally over-diagnosed diseases and disorders sweeping Americans by the thousands off their couches and into their doctors’ offices, where they complain about all kinds of ordinary life problems in the hopes that Medicare covers them.
These days, everyone is a self-appointed doctor. Schoolteachers aggressively push the diagnosis of autism and other disorders in their students in pursuit of extra funding and teaching assistants. Lazy parents conclude that their children have attention-deficit disorder and require Ritalin anytime they feel like running around and acting like, well, children. And when someone feels sad about something in life, it is, of course, due to an unnatural chemical imbalance in his head