Keep it Classy, UC Irvine: Dinner is Served with First Class Pizza

College students and pizza go together like all classically paired foods, such as peanut butter and jelly, French fries and ketchup, or macaroni and cheese. To deny this would be to deny that the sky is blue or that the grass is green. It just doesn’t make any sense.
Growing up, I was a loyal brand consumer: My shoes were Puma, my jeans were Gap and my drink was Coca-Cola. As for pizza, I used to stick to Pizza Hut (unless of course I was anywhere near a Costco and their massive slices of pepperoni pizza).
However, during my third year here at UC Irvine, my roommates introduced me to First Class Pizza. They said, nearly in unison, that First Class is ‘the best pizza,’ hands down. So we called up First Class Pizza one night and ordered what would eventually be my downfall.
We ordered the ‘Family Special,’ which includes an extra-large pizza, a large family salad and a two-liter soda for $21.99. The meal deal advertises that it feeds up to six people