Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Dark of the Moon

“Dark of the Moon,” the latest UC Irvine production directed by Annie Loui, is a play that is full of oppositions: light against dark, familiarity against the unknown and fantasy against reality. However, it appears to be an opposition itself: a clunky plot with simplistic themes against the solid execution and thoughtful performances by the cast.

There are two worlds separated from each other: the realm of the supernatural, inhabited by witches and conjurers, and the “real world,” represented by a rural Southern community. These worlds collide when a wizard (Benny Willis) falls in love with the town flirt, Barbara Allen (Stephanie Philo). The wizard wants nothing more than to be human, so he assumes the human name of John and makes a deal with the Conjur-Man and Conjur-Woman (graduate student Nathan C. Crocker and fourth-year dance major Marissa Moses) to become human. There is only one caveat to remaining human