Mirah ‘Blows’ Up the Fonda

K Records artists, The Blow and Mirah, ended their short-lived but worthwhile west-coast tour at the Music Box of the Fonda in Hollywood last Friday.
The opening act was a girl-and- boy duo from New York City by the name of High Places. Their digitally enhanced music took a wide array of influences, from tropical beats to wood block percussion. Showmanship was absent, but nonetheless, the young group held an admirable fervor for music.
Ending the anticipation of the audience, The Blow’s Khaela Maricich came on stage, performing solo. She sung over previously recorded electro-dance beats by Jona Bechtolt, who left the group to focus on his own project, YACHT. Although vocals were the only live aspect of The Blow’s performance, Maricich’s comedic exuberance and playful imagination did not fail to generate a crowd of admirers.
She opened with ‘How Naked Are We Gonna Get?’ immediately diving into a popular theme of her songwriting