Public NewSense

Thumbs down for Senate Democrats: The Democrats failed to pass a surveillance bill that would have excluded retroactive immunity for the telecom industry. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t bother to show up, while spineless majority leader Harry Reid allowed the Democrats to submissively bow to the president’s demands. ‘Democratcy’ at its finest.
Thumbs up for AP Reporter Glen Johnson: At a press conference with Mitt Romney, a reporter actually acted like a reporter instead of a personal transcriber for every fallacious statement made by a politician. Johnson called Romney out on his lie that he has no lobbyists tied to his campaign and was described as rude, opinionated and unprofessional.
Neutral for Fred Thompson: Thompson dropped his bid for the presidency last Tuesday. While his indifference to power would have been a welcome change from President George W. Bush, his lazy campaign style could only go so far. Thompson never seemed to understand that being president and running for president are two completely different things.
Thumbs down for the Iraq Benchmark Report: A recent report card scored the success of political, economic and security benchmarks in Iraq. Right now, the United States is averaging an F- in every category. If we’re lucky, maybe in a hundred years we’ll be averaging a D+.
Thumbs down for Ralph Nader: Nader said last week that he will decide in a month whether or not he will run for president. Someone please get him in his straightjacket before he can ruin another election.
Thumbs up for Israel: The Israeli government announced that it will embrace the use of electric cars. With soaring oil prices, Israel is the perfect country to serve as a test market for the success of electric cars due to its scientific and technological strength. Hopefully, there will be less reliance on foreign oil in the near future.