Sprinkles of Joy: Discover Sprinkles Cupcakes in Newport Beach

‘Who was the first guy who was like, ‘That was a good meal we just had. I’m full. You full?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘You want to eat a cake?’ ‘Let’s eat a cake.’ ‘Let’s eat until we throw up.”
It’s true. Comedian Jim Gaffigan highlights this food fact during his stand-up routine about America’s obsession with eating, dessert, and especially cake. He goes on to talk about birthday cake, muffins as a ‘bald cupcake’ and pie as ‘liquid cake.’ It’s a good bit. You should check it out. However, that’s a different story.
Honestly, it couldn’t ring truer. The bond between Americans and their cake is hard to break. So, why not give in?
Take a trip over to Sprinkles one of these days to do just that. Perhaps you’ve heard of the place. They’ve been mentioned in numerous publications and a few Food Network specials, which is how my roommate and I first heard of the bakery.
For those of you who aren’t aware, Sprinkles sells cupcakes, and they are mighty good. A bunch of cupcake joints have popped up recently, but Sprinkles advertises that they are ‘the original cupcake bakery.’
Why is Sprinkles different from the average cupcake? First off, they’re baked fresh throughout the day. Each batch is purchased pretty quickly, especially around the holidays.
According to its Web site, ‘Sprinkles cupcakes are a deliciously sophisticated update on an American classic.’ Can cupcakes really be ‘sophisticated’? I think so. I would say the typical cupcake is far from such a description, but the cupcakes from Sprinkles do set themselves apart.
After all, they got their start in Beverly Hills. The first Sprinkles shop was set up just two blocks west of Rodeo Drive. What makes these cakes so exceptional that they survived the Beverly Hills crowd