UCI Speech and Debate

Every major university needs a speech and debate team. This is why Greg Yeh, a second-year criminology, law and society and Chinese double-major, was shocked when he came to UC Irvine and discovered only the vestiges of a debilitated speech and debate team. As a result, Yeh decided to take over as president in order to initiate a resuscitation of the entire program.
Yeh, with the aid of trusted and experienced friends like Edward Wong, a third-year business economics major, began turning the formerly moribund team around. By not concentrating so much on tournaments, Yeh took the first year of his presidency to train members in the art of speech and rhetoric, using techniques he learned when participating in his high-school debate team. Yeh and Wong worked hard to infuse members with a keen understanding of critical thinking, logical fallacies and analysis so that they could point out word traps and expose lofty language.
The investment paid off at the first tournament of the year