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Dance Visions: Aubri Seibert

“It is so annoying when people say ‘being a dance major is easy.’ Being a dance major is a lot of work! Most of us are here from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. With classes and rehearsals we practically live at school. And on top of that we have papers to write for our history and critical issues courses. It’s hard work!” expressed Aubri Seibert, as she dispelled one of the most common stereotypes she faces as a second-year master of fine arts dance major.
Seibert is part of the cast of dancers who recently performed in Dance Visions 2008. She has been performing since the age of three and completed her bachelor’s at UC Irvine as well. “I have choreographed and performed in many years of both New Slate and Dance Escape (the two graduate dance concerts) as well as performing in many years of Dance Visions … so I have been performing in these shows for quite some time now,” Seibert said.
Put on by UC Irvine’s Department of Dance at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, Dance Visions 2008 “highlights the eclectic versatility of numerous dance genres