Monday, July 13, 2020
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Freshmen Phenoms Have UCI Rolling

New University: First things first, what’s up with your short-shorts Kevin?

Kevin Carroll: I’ve always liked the short-shorts. I can’t play in long shorts, it’s not my style.

New U: Does anybody hate on it?

Carroll: Opposing crowds do.

Cory Yoder: He gets Nair calls, “Who wears short-shorts?”

New U: But nevertheless, you persist. Now on to less important topics … Did you guys feel a lot of pressure following up after the reputation of last year’s team?

Yoder: I felt people wouldn’t expect much from us since we have a bunch of freshmen, so I felt like there wasn’t a lot of pressure.

New U: Was the transition to becoming starters easier because you guys are all in the same boat?

Anthony Spittle: Definitely, the chemistry isn’t totally there yet because we’re still a very young team, but we have four years to build that chemistry with each other. This year we’ve started a good base.

New U: Anthony, you’ve got an older brother on the team, Nick, did that help you ease into your role this year?

Spittle: It helped a little bit, the transition was easier because I already knew most of the guys, the coach knew who I was and I already kind of had a name here.

New U: Was there any freshmen hazing?

Yoder: No, Coach Speraw wants everyone feeling equal. He doesn’t want the older guys bagging on the younger guys. That’s not what it’s about on the court.

New U: Speraw said earlier this season that he notices a lot of leadership not just from the upperclassmen, but also from the younger players. Do you guys feel you provide a level of leadership despite being a group of freshmen?

Kevin Wynne: I think the upperclassmen are really helping out, but everyone on the court is bringing something at some point or another. It depends on the day, but somebody always steps up regardless.

New U: Do you guys all feel like Speraw was a big reason you chose to come to UC Irvine?

Carroll, Spittle, Wynne, Yoder: Yes, definitely.

Yoder: Just going to other schools and comparing how other coaches treat their players compared to him