Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Patriots Confirm Perfection is an Unattainable Pursuit

Yet again another team was stopped on the pursuit of perfection. The Giants upset the Patriots; a result that I still think no one has truly registered.
The Patriots lost. This was not supposed to happen. They were a perfect 19-0 going into the Super Bowl. They were the best at almost every position. They had the cool and calm quarterback, the stellar wide receiving corps, a wall for an offensive line, and as intimidating and experienced a defensive unit as any. With the emergence of Laurence Maroney and Kevin Faulk, even the running game developed in the playoffs. Their offense preserved in every game and the defense showed some lapses, but still proved dominant in the playoffs. The team was destined for victory.
My allegiances with the teams changed as the two weeks prior to the game progressed. America cheers for the common man, the underdog. Naturally, I was going to root for the Giants. They were the wild-card team, the huge underdog. They were supposed to lose to the “evil” New England Patriots. Why are they evil? They win too much. And they (cough) cheat (cough), too.
However, as I thought about it more, I felt that it was only right if the best team in history won. It just would not be right if they came all this way and did not win. They were clearly the best team ever. The 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins played in a much easier day and age for the sport. The Patriots were going it on a much grander stage. On top of that, I wanted to witness history.
I did not even plan to watch the game. I could not watch this Super Bowl when the Packers were so close to being there. I told The Prophecy that he could go to a Super Bowl party, and that I would stay back and hold the fort in the office. However, as I was tracking the game on Yahoo! from my computer at work, I had to watch it, especially since the first half was so equal. I finished work, and got home with six minutes left in the third quarter.
I had to pick a team to root for, and I finally made up my mind. I decided to cheer on the Giants because if they won, it would mean that the Packers lost to the team that beat the best in NFL history