Monday, July 13, 2020
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Socially Awkward Stories of a Socially Un-awkward Person

I’m sure everyone at some point trips over his or her own feet or walks right into a screen door in front of someone who just asked them out. Admittedly, I’ve done both. I just seem to have more than my fair share of awkward and embarrassing moments. Every time I think I’ve had my dose of awkwardness for the quarter, lo and behold, something else happens the next week! Allow me to explain.
One day during the second week of school, I came home from working out at the ARC like I usually do. Much to my surprise, my roommate Bosza was home, which is a rare occurrence since we both have chaotic schedules. I wanted to take a shower so I grabbed my shower bag, put on flip flops and wrapped a towel around myself as I marched into the bathroom.
After my shower, I walked down the hallway to my room. To my immense horror, the door was locked! In a panic I banged on the door, yelling for my roommate to let me in, but to no avail. My roommate had forgotten I was in the shower and locked me out.
I plopped down onto our common room couch. What could I do? All my worldly possessions, including my cell phone and I.D. card, rested peacefully on the other side of my locked bedroom door. It was just my luck, right? Fortunately, one of my suitemates heard my cries of desperation and came to my rescue. She lent me her phone in order to call the resident advisor (RA).
Our poor RA raced back to the dorms to rescue me. While she didn’t have a key to my room, she had the number for the people who would. As my hair dripped down my back, she called the Mesa housing department. I figured this would be the end of my misery, but I was wrong. Apparently that would be too kind.
“She has to come down there to get the key? I don’t think you understood me right