Monday, July 13, 2020

U2 3D

It’s not too common that a band releases one of its concerts in 3-D for theatrical release. But U2 has done just that with its new concert film, “U2 3D,” the ultimate concert experience from the comfort of your own theater seat. Using advanced 3D live-action technology to bring the concert to life, “U2 3D” is nothing short of amazing, especially for hardcore U2 fans.
The 3-D effects give viewers the perception that they are actually at the concert, immersed in a crowd with tens of thousands of South American fans singing their hearts out to every song and jumping up and down to the pulsating beat of the drums. Magnifying the tiniest details, the cameras zoom in so that it appears that one is standing right next to or in front of each band member. Everything from the individual hairs on The Edge’s beard to the drops of sweat flowing down Bono’s face is visible in full clarity.
Most importantly, the viewer/artist relationship is never compromised by the theater medium. If anything, it is significantly enhanced. Especially with the crisp clear, high-volume surround sound that matches a typical concert sound tooth and nail without doing a number on the ears. Plus, the viewer experiences the concert from vantage points that an actual concert attendee would never be able to enjoy. It is as if a camera is attached to the viewer, veering in and out of the crowd as it hovers over Larry Mullen’s drum set and then follows Adam Clayton as he walks with his bass out onto the ego ramp or looks down on The Edge as his fingers grace the keyboard during “New Year’s Day.” In essence, the viewer is side-by-side with each member every step of the way