Monday, July 13, 2020
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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Cage-Free Egg?

Student Affairs and UC Irvine Dining and Hospitality Services are on track to implement a plan for increasing sustainable, organic dining practices. As a result, the following has been accomplished in the last two years:
1. Adhering to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood-watch guidelines.
2. Using trade-certified coffee at all Starbucks and Java City coffee brewery locations.
3. Practicing a coffee grounds recycling program in collaboration with UCI Facilities and Waste Management.
4. Collaborating with UCI Recycling and Waste Management on a coffee mug program.
5. Utilizing biodegradable plates and to-go containers whenever possible.
6. Upholding traditional recycling practices.
7. Implementing grease recycling.
8. Participating in America’s Second Harvest, a hunger-relief program, with unsold baked goods.
9. Buying locally-grown produce.
10. Offering environmentally-friendly household products for purchase.
11. Stocking reusable dishware in all dining commons