Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Turns Silver

Twenty-five years ago, Michael Jackson released his magnum opus ‘Thriller’ and inspired a generation of performers.
Yet, with the campy video for the album’s title track he also inspired enough parodies to last for generations to come. As such, I give you the top five Thriller parodies to date.

5) South Park Parody. Although South Park may be one of the few long-running animated series that has not plummeted in quality over the years, nothing comes close to its first season. Aside from rectal probing aliens, Barbra Streisand wreaking havoc on South Park and the infamous Cartman cliffhanger, the first season of South Park also featured Chef singing a parody of ‘Thriller.’ While Jackson was associated with pedophilia for the past 15 years, this parody, which took place in the Halloween episode, ‘Pink Eye’ dealt with another sexual taboo