Friday, February 28, 2020
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The Six Superpowers Every Woman Should Have

I was flipping through Glamour last week (a women’s magazine, for people living under a rock), and amidst all of the do’s (trendy haircuts on guys? Really?) and don’ts (apparently, over-the-knee boots are so last season), the spring style countdown (khakis, bangles, blah, blah, blah), a feature on how to get a brand new butt (I’m sorry Leandro Carvalho, but I really doubt you’re the ultimate ‘Butt Master’) and what guys find the most frustrating about women (‘When she doesn’t orgasm’ and ‘When she says, ‘Everything is fine!’), I came across only one page that I felt was truly worth reading and sharing. Of course, this is merely my opinion, but that should already be obvious.
Described as the ’10 superpowers every woman ought to have,’ the page, which, of course, was compiled by two women, contained a list of humorous, yet factual things a woman should be able to do. Here are a few of my favorites:

1.) ‘WhatCeilingism: The unquestioning belief that a no-limits career is yours for the taking.’ I’m not voting for Hillary, but I truly admire her for acquiring this superpower. Hopefully, more women will find a way to obtain it as well. We’re definitely getting there.

2.) ‘Guilt Freeze: The clarity of knowing when you don’t have to say sorry.’ I am guilty of this one, and have yet to figure out why women are prone to apologizing more than men. I can just see it: Guy says to girl, ‘I can’t believe you got mad at me for playing Halo for three hours last night.’ As she is about to apologize, the girlfriend freezes and then walks away. Fabulous.

3.) ‘Alba-tude: At your command, a shoulders-back, hair-flipping aura that makes you the woman every man lusts for.’ Call me crazy (and I know many guys will), but my sister and I just don’t get the whole Jessica Alba craze. Yes, she’s pretty with a rockin’ body to boot. However, there are more beautiful women