Business Execs. Engage with UCI Students

Executives from multiple companies met with UC Irvine students at an event hosted by the Alliance of Business Students on Wednesday, Feb. 20. The purpose of the event was to connect companies with students interested in pursuing business careers, networking and establishing working relationships.
Called the Executives of the Roundtable, the event involved three 15-minute conversations with various corporate leaders at the Student Center Emerald Bay Conference Room. Executives included representatives from BJ’s Restaurant, Wells Fargo, Merril Lynch, Y & R Brands, DGWB, OC Printing, Wundermarx, Enterprise, Lending Tree, Capital Group, One Tri, CED and Procter & Gamble.
The Alliance of Business Students (ABS) is the umbrella organization that oversees and unites the seven business clubs on campus. The night was organized so that each student attendee had the opportunity to meet one or two executives at three tables that he or she selected during the RSVP process. Students spent a total of 45 minutes moving from one table to another, speaking with executives, listening to the executives’ speeches and asking questions.
While some students indulged in finger foods and refreshments at the beginning of the night, others chatted with guest executives, one of whom was from Kaplan and provided a raffle for a free test-preparation class.
Some students were not business economics or economics majors. One enthusiastic student was Casey Dzoung, a third-year double major in biological sciences and chemistry. She explained that this was her second year attending Executives of the Roundtable and that the representatives were invaluable sources for motivation.
Dzoung attended the event to ‘[get] to know these amazing and successful executives. Talking to [the representatives], learning their experiences, and seeing what drives them; and then, seeing how students can get to that point, too. … These success stories are applicable to students of all majors.’
Other students found the event as a quicker way to enter the business field. Cedric Young, a third-year sociology major, has an interest in business, has taken marketing-related classes and participates in the American Marketing Association on campus.
‘[I was] hoping to snag an internship and network while getting to know some companies,’ Young said. Like Young, the primary expectation for most of the students was to find a job.
Joshua Espinosa, a fourth-year economics major, bluntly said that he attended the event because he ‘need[s] a job.’
One executive, Rick Eiserman, North American managing partner of the advertising company Young & Rubicam Brands, explained that his company had been meaning to participate more with local campuses and that the timing for this event was perfect. With no expectations, Eiserman attended the event and was impressed by UCI students.
‘Every interaction I have with UCI has been exceptional due to the caliber of students. [My] first impression here [was that] I am amazed by the involvement of the community, the executives, the caliber of students and the directors here,’ Eiserman said.
If you are interested in ABS events, the next will be a fashion and entertainment event held during spring quarter.