More Awkwardness: What My Mother Doesn’t Know

This past week I flew home after spending a weekend at Duke University. After an excruciating four-and-a-half hour flight, my plane landed at 9 p.m. in San Diego. Since I needed to be back at UC Irvine early the next morning for crew practice, I asked my mom to drive me back to campus. I would have driven myself, but once I left for college my parents deemed my car superfluous and handed me a bike (they said the same thing about my bedroom, and gave it to my brother).
Since my mother and father pay my tuition, I didn’t put up a fuss about the car. However, commuting to and from school has been a hassle, because I can’t exactly ride my bike from San Diego to Irvine. Well, I suppose I could, it just would not be very time-efficient.
My mom decided to drive me back to campus early the next morning. Not college early, like at 10 a.m., but real-world early