News in Brief

Investigation of Suspicious Male at Mesa Court Extended
The Mesa Court incident concerning a male subject who suspiciously entered rooms in Mesa Court, has been referred to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, according to UC Irvine Chief of Police Paul Henisey.
The campus community was alerted of the incident through a Zot Alert that was sent out Feb. 10. Henisey stated that the investigation will take longer than originally expected, estimating another three to four weeks to come to a close from an investigative standpoint.
Investigation of Waterpolo Players’ Photos on Gay Porn Web Site Extended
The investigation concerning photographs of underage water-polo players that were allegedly taken by UC Irvine police dispatcher Scott Cornelius and distributed to gay pornographic Web sites will be extended up to 30 days, according to Jeff Hutchinson, UCI assistant chief of police. The investigation was extended at the request of an outside law firm that is conducting the investigation.
Grapes May Prevent Colon Cancer, New Study Claims
Dr. Randall Holcombe of the UC Irvine Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center is heading a new study that will focus on whether having a diet largely comprised of grapes may prevent colon cancer.
The theory behind the study centers around resveratrol, an ingredient found in grapes, blocks genes involved in the development of colon cancer. The study is currently in its planning phases and is looking for participants to take part in the investigation.
A previous study conducted by Holcombe showed that low doses of freeze-dried grape powder stops genes associated with the development of sporadic colorectal cancer from forming. According to the United States National Cancer Institute there have been approximately 110,000 new cases of colon cancer that have been reported thus far in 2008.