Obama Is Not Yo’ Mama

Barack Obama seems to be offering himself not as a president who will come in mend all your holey socks and lives for you, but one that will provide the means for citizens of a free country to take it upon themselves to fix things.
In response to censorship within media, Obama is not going to commission T.V. screens to be installed in our sterile and uniform lofts so that we are shown what we are needed and protected from what might prove a problem. No Orwellian theories here.
The issue revolves around the fact that the American people cry out for freedom, yet once freedom practiced by one individual negatively affects the freedom expected by another individual, things go awry. They want the government to intervene with new, seemingly protective laws. This not only spreads censorship throughout but is counterintuitive to freedom within the media.
It is only natural to find that if listening to misogynist Tom Leykis, on the way to dropping your kid off at school, little Billy won’t opt to share his crayons with little Suzy that day. This is where the problem starts and Obama thinks that taking care of the situation at the root will prevent any unnecessary Federal Communications Commissions censorship acts to be drafted in the future.
Obama calls out for people to take censorship into their own hands. He wants the American people to take it upon themselves to provoke change by inviting positive images that instill a moral framework for today’s children.
Instead of creating modified media content molded to a general status of acceptable, Obama thinks individual parents should make that decision on their own. Censorship should not reign just because parents are unable to control media consumption in their own family. It is absolutely refreshing to hear these ideas come out of a person who may just be our next president.
This is not the only area that could use some fine-tuning. Yes, it is evident that problems are most commonly started and should be most effectively taken care of in the home. It is what infiltrates the home that might be out of even the most overprotective parent’s hands. The history of media has come a long way. Now, with an avid and dependable media consumer comes a steady market consumer.
Capitalist corporations have figured out a way of inserting the foreign idea of a new product into the comfortable, personal and safe environment of the home. Whether it is a new way to keep your closet organized or the next big thing from Steven Spielberg, it’s still a marketable and profitable product.
Your average pre-teen is going to be enthralled by that new Hannah Montana advertisement between Disney Channel favorites. This is the demographic most likely to purchase the young starlet’s products anyway. So why stick a trailer for George A. Romero’s ‘Day of the Dead’ into pre-teen programming?
Obama calls for a better look at marketing placement within the media. There is still art in making undead extras for a film and why shouldn’t the proper section of the population enjoy that? It’s just poor taste when it’s thrown into prime time for kids, just in case their parents are watching too.
It’s obvious to see how as a media consumer and a politician he would agree with facets of protracting media and still have concerns about content. His concerns don’t yield drafted legislation banning certain programming. Instead, they raise questions about how susceptible youths are taught to deal with representations of the world around them through various media.
Obama suggests parents should take it upon themselves to choose media suitable for their families. The industry should also be sensitive to the situation of areas where they unashamedly market their products. It is great to have someone as influential as Obama be stalwart about the proper ways of dealing with censorship.