Professors Reveal Official Grading Histories

With registration for spring quarter classes at UC Irvine just around the corner, a new Web site provides California students with a comprehensive review of professors and courses though official grade reports and peer reviews. The Web site,, was launched Saturday, Feb. 9 by its creators, UCLA alumni Mike Moradi and Brandon Sos.
Moradi and Sos, along with a staff of 10, have managed to list 44 campuses and 13 million grades on the Web site. UCI alone has approximately 13,000 classes listed and 568,000 official grades. The grades are requested directly from the registrar offices of California campuses.
Students can search grades by school, department, course and professors. Also, students are able to add more to the data by logging into the Web site and writing their own reviews of professors, courses and other opinions about the class.
‘We want people to make [reviews], since that will be the best resource for students [because] then, [they] can choose professors [and] courses based on objective data and comprehensive reviews,’ Sos said. ‘This will allow students to know what they are getting into when choosing a course or professor, so they can have a better learning experience.’
Similar Web sites such as and have been accused of undermining the point of education, proposing that students will use those sites to choose classes based on the likelihood of getting a good grade rather than getting a good education.
In response, Moradi stated that he hopes that ‘the Campus Buddy will allow students to know what they are getting themselves into’ and that the site will help them pick a class that best aligns with their interests, and not just ‘grade-wise, but as a total package.’
Regardless, student feedback has been successful, as word-of-mouth promotion has brought the site to the attention of many students.
‘Yeah, would provide a lot of insight into what classes I take, especially with the grade breakdown and the students’ personal statements about the class,’ said Kevin Guzik, a first-year international studies student.
Although some students are interested in using the Web site and exploring its features, others are not willing to base their entire decision on information from a Web site.
‘I would check it out, but I wouldn’t base my decision on that alone,’ said Godwin Tse, a first-year biological sciences major. ‘I would rather get class information from people I know personally.’
The Web site may be able to help UCI students make decisions about which classes they should take by providing information on UCI professors and courses.