Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Drawn and Quoted

Douchebag of the Week: ‘Senator Obama, one of the things in a campaign is that you have to react to unexpected developments. On Sunday, the headline in your hometown paper, Chicago Tribune: ‘Louis Farrakhan Backs Obama for President at Nation of Islam Convention in Chicago.’ Do you accept the support of Louis Farrakhan?’ asked moderator Tim Russert at last Tuesday’s Democratic debate. In fact, Obama only had to react to the development of Russert being a douchebag.
The well-regarded TV host was excruciating to watch. While Obama repeatedly denounced Farrakhan and his beliefs, Russert played the media’s favorite gotcha-game by unnecessarily reading Farrakhan’s reprehensible comments, ignoring Obama’s denunciations, parsing his words and trying to make him seem guilty by association. Thankfully, this was the last debate, so the candidates and the viewers won’t be subjected to Russert’s embarrassing moderating skills any longer