Keepin’ It ‘Real-Time’ In ‘Cleo from 5-7’

Just when you thought Irvine was one of those hopelessly boring towns void of any cultural character, out comes Orange County’s sole cinematheque from your very own UC Irvine. It is a time of transformation for the familiar classroom environment of the Humanities Instructional Building. Patrons find that once a week during the school-year quarters, its stadium seating is truly put to good use.
This quarter the Film and Video Center (FVC) is directed and run by Professor Lauren Steimer from the Department of Film and Media Studies. For her, screenings held by the FVC act as an extension to the world outside the classroom not only for students, but for community members as well. The FVC screenings are often times singular events within the Orange County area and with some programs, the entire country.
Last week the FVC screened ‘Cl