Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Limbaugh for Hillary: The ‘Rush’ of Revenge

She won. After all that rotgut, “thrill-up-my-leg” yellow journalism surrounding Obama for weeks, I was ecstatic about the results of Super Tuesday II. Not only did my favorite corrupt Clinton gain the necessary victories in the big states, but she did it, in small part, thanks to Republicans. What a cathartic role-reversal.
If you haven’t heard, Rush Limbaugh began calling on conservatives to keep Hillary Clinton in the race a few weeks ago. It began with a tentative fund-raising effort in which he asked his listeners to donate to her “failing” campaign. When it turned out that the Clintons’ money problems were just media hype (big surprise), he rescinded his initial call, but she stayed in it. Leading into the Ohio and Texas primaries, Chris Matthews and Co. began their own campaigns against her by fawning over Barack Obama, über-hyping his speeches and doing their best to marginalize the lady with 50 percent negatives. It’s clear that they sensed the impending convention crisis and national defeat in November.
That’s when Limbaugh jumped in again, thankfully. Just like Democrats and the “drive-by media,” which spent months ­