Monday, July 13, 2020
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Thumbs Down: Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s emphasis on experience caused her to praise Republican nominee John McCain in order to hurt her primary opponent and fellow Democrat, Senator Barack Obama, by suggesting that he is the only inexperienced candidate. Clinton’s claim that she is experienced is debatable, and it cannot be ignored that her husband was considered the inexperienced candidate against sitting president George H.W. Bush in 1992. Stooping to crediting McCain in order to suggest that Obama is not ready to be president is a low blow and will damage the Democratic Party in the general election. Clinton’s praise of McCain seemed more genuine than President George W. Bush’s awkward endorsement of the Arizona senator, which puts Clinton in second place for kissing McCain’s ass, right behind Joe Lieberman, of course.
Thumbs Down: CNN and Anderson Cooper. Cooper recently wrote a short feature for CNN with the headline, “Can Cindy McCain really be that perfect?” I don’t know, Anderson, but I eagerly await more of your “objective” commentary. What’s next, a hard-hitting report about the cuteness of puppies? The first sentence of Cooper’s report began, “She’s always dressed in a killer suit and never has a hair out of place.” It’s nice to know that perfection in women is based on superficial qualities like clothes and hair. Apparently, this is what passes as in-depth campaign coverage.
Thumbs Down: Fox News. During the show “America’s Newsroom,” co-host Bill Hemmer questioned a body-language expert about Clinton’s body language while she was drinking a beer on her campaign plane. In a truly ridiculous analysis, the so-called expert suggested that it was awkward for Clinton to hold the beer in her left hand and implied that she may have an ulterior motive for doing so. Is this what passes for legitimate journalism when it comes to covering one of the most important elections of our lifetimes? I’m beginning to think that viewers have to drink a few beers before they watch any Fox News program in order to appreciate such awful commentary.
Thumbs Down: Arizona’s Senate. Last week, the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would allow students to bring their guns to public universities and colleges if they have a concealed-weapon permit. In light of recent school shootings at campuses around the country, the Arizona lawmakers decided this bill could prevent future shootings if people have the ability to intercept a gunman. However, guns have no place at an institution of learning, and letting more people carry guns will not solve anything. Only in America is the answer to throw more guns into the mix.