Monday, July 13, 2020
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SoCal: Grip of AWESOME

America is the land of opportunity, and where people look for opportunity in America is in Southern California.
Sure, cities like New York and Boston are attractive landing places for aspiring professionals, but it is Los Angeles where most of the talent comes from and is bred, not any city in Nor Cal.
Sure, Nor Cal had the Silicon Valley technology boom, but everyone is over that. The computer market is nowhere near the level it was in the 90s. I would say that was the greatest thing that Nor Cal had since the gold rush.
Speaking of the gold rush, the San Francisco 49ers seem to be incapable of finding gold since their golden years with Steve Young and Jerry Rice.
Sure, L.A. does not have an NFL franchise, but judging by the talent and success of the USC football team, it might be able to compete with the 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. Oh, yeah, thank you for taking the Raiders.
The San Diego Chargers have threatened the best teams of the last few years and have one of the best runningbacks in NFL history in Ladanian Tomlinson.
The Golden State Warriors did make an amazing run in the playoffs last year, which ended in the second round, but people seem to forget the countless horrible decisions the Warriors’ front office made every year prior. They chose Adonal Foyle right before Tracy McGrady was taken. They chose Todd Fuller when Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Peja Stojakovic and Jermaine O’Neal were still available. To top it off, they chose Joe Smith over Rasheed Wallace, Antonia McDyess and Kevin Garnett. “I would rather not have draft picks,” said Nickon Rajabi, a die-hard Warriors fan.
You may counter with a mention of the Los Angeles Clippers, but I will counter with the Los Angeles Lakers.
The Lakers are definitely one of the most well-known teams on this earth, and that did not happen by chance. The Lakers won 14 national championships and are credited with two of the most exciting teams in NBA history: the Showtime Lakers led by Magic Johnson, and the Dynamic Duo Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. The Lakers have started yet another dynasty with this year’s team, which is arguably the best in the league.
Aside from the Lakers, the Dodgers are better than the Giants, and the Angels are better than the A’s this year and in the past.
But sports aside, there is a plethora of reasons why So Cal is better than Nor Cal.
No one can argue that the weather is phenomenal in So Cal. Who doesn’t enjoy sun and warmth year around? The lack of precipitation allows us to do so much more. In Nor Cal, it is always gloomy and rainy. The weather there only reflects the depressing status of the place. No one can say that they would rather have more variety in their weather than have perfect weather year-round.
Want to know why we love that perfect weather? The beaches. We have some of the best beaches on the mainland of the United States down the Southern California coast. From San Luis Obispo, to Newport, to Laguna, to San Diego, the beach is a place one can go and put everything else aside. It fosters a sense of relaxation and commitment to do better.
Nor Cal does have the Bay, and the water that comes from it is some of the best water I have ever tasted, but it isn’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the scenery on Laguna Beach and others like it.
One may argue that the traffic in So Cal is a good enough reason for not living there. Dennis Erickson, one of the most venerated college football coaches, turned down an offer to coach at USC simply because he said the traffic was awful. The traffic is miserable, but it builds character.
San Diego and Los Angeles are some of the most diverse cities in the world. The melting pot of ethnicities creates a sense of understanding and mutual respect. In addition, you get authentic representations of culture. You will find better authentic Mexican restaurants here in So Cal than in Nor Cal. Maybe that is why all people from Nor Cal obsess over the American business, Chipotle.
The diversity and presence of Hollywood in So Cal is intriguing to outsiders because it presents them with an ideal, a goal to reach. They see their fellow countrymen come and succeed in such a beautiful climate. One can say that is why Southern California, not Northern California, is the place for the American Dream.