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Saving Art and the Environment

Have a lot of trash lying around and a lot of time to spare? Why not participate in UC Irvine’s annual Re-Use Art Competition? Part of UCI Earth Day 2008 on Saturday, April 19, the Re-Use Art Competition asks students “to use materials that would otherwise be discarded in a creative way. It’s great for the environment and it’s a whole lot of fun,” according to the UCI Earth Day web site.
The rules are simple, “All materials must be clean, safe, non-hazardous and would have otherwise been thrown away or recycled (glue, tape, nails and screws may be used as fasteners). All artwork must be no larger than two feet by two feet, free-standing, stable and able to withstand transport and original work of student.”
This leaves plenty open to the imagination. Possible supplies range from used blue books to dry pens. With some glue, tape and creativity, a space ship and launching pad can surely be made.
A few old cassette tapes, a scratched CD, screws as fasteners and screws loose in the head might be able to create an iPod out of those “old school” music players that Apple left dying.
The relatively small pieces of artwork will be displayed in Aldrich Park at the UCI Earth Day celebration and the top Re-Use artists will win a gift card from a variety of eco-friendly vendors. Over $200 worth of gift cards are up for grabs.
The Center for Service in Action’s Earth Day Celebration will go from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.