Monday, July 13, 2020
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So-Cal is Better than Nor-Cal, but Arizona is a Sleeper State!

A couple weeks ago the New University ran a two-part series on why Nor Cal is better than So Cal and vice versa. I wrote the So Cal article, and was overwhelmed with responses on my facebook and e-mail. The best of it was the hate mail I received from bloggers who posted my article all over the Internet, encouraging subscribers to write to me and tell me how awful my claims of So Cal’s superiority were.
I found extreme pleasure in the riled-up Nor Cal-ers’ messages to me about how ridiculous my claims were. I just sent out a generic e-mail after some point to every writer:
“I’m sorry you are so angry over a completely subjective debate, and took my sarcastic arguments as serious educated claims. But I appreciate the feedback.”
Here I am again defending another geographic location, and this time it’s the state of Arizona. Of course I realize my views are only based on my own experience, and that I may be exaggerating. Now, allow me to make my case.
Arizona is the kindest state in the United States (that I have been to).
The Prophecy and I went to Tempe, Ariz. the Thursday before spring break to cover the No. 7-ranked UC Irvine Anteater baseball team against No.1-ranked Arizona State Sun Devils.
To be honest, the trip did not start too well. First, we found out that the Budget rental car fee would be nearly double what a 25-year-old customer would pay because neither of us are over that age. We are looking at $400 in rental car fees. We then checked into our Motel 6 with a $59-a-night room not knowing that we would hear an airplane take off three times a night and hear a freight train horn go off eight times a night in seven to eight groupings. On top of that, we did not get the Internet in our room that was advertised.
That was about the only sour part of our trip.
Once we exited the Motel 6 parking lot, we realized we were lost. We pulled over and asked the first Phoenix resident for directions to ASU. Without hesitation he amiably gave us clear directions and wished us luck, looking genuinely happy to have helped us. His directions were perfect.
After covering the first UCI game, we went to the Starbucks just off the ASU campus. Now when it is hot, as it always is in Arizona, I go to Starbucks and purchase a bottled frappuccino. I get a venti cup of ice to pour the bottled frappuccino into and it creates a wonderful chilled drink for the scorching heat. I usually just buy the two things and put them together myself, but at this Tempe Starbucks the barista did it for me, and happily! Just one of the many little kind gestures we received throughout the trip.
We decided we should go to the ASU gym and buy a day pass to work out. So we went to the gym and were ready to pay the fee, when the desk attendant allowed us to go in without charge because he was so cool. Though we had to pay on the remaining days, we were never hassled at the university and everyone offered help with open arms. Even the cashier at the ubiquitous Circle K gas station mini marts went out of her way to treat her customers as if they were her children.
Not only are the people of Arizona amazing, but also the weather. The days are hot, but it’s the desert