Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Drawn and Quoted

Doing the McNasty: “I think, judging by the amount of press representatives here and also by the integration of your previous political endorsements in your earlier personal narrative, we can see that … political motivation isn’t completely absent. Yet we were told that this isn’t a political event. So what exactly is your purpose in being here?” asked high-school junior Katelin Halldorson.
Halldorson sniped Senator John McCain, the Republican Party’s last, best hope for four more years in the White House, just as the eyelids were opening and the doors were closing on his speech at her school. As part of the “Service to America” (or Daily Show-dubbed “Monsters of Nostalgia”) tour, the candidate is traveling to the sites that shaped his youth.
His second stop: his own Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va. “It was a fateful three years ago that the ‘Punk’ first crossed the threshold of the High School,” wrote the editors of the yearbook that chronicled the great deeds and goofy glasses of the class of 1954. Apparently, McCain was also the artist known as McNasty, ABC News reports. Thank you, mainstream media, for making election McCoverage that really matters.
“Apparently, the guy believes in service to the country, honor, patriotism, service, honor, honor, service, patriotism and honor. And also, here at EHS? He learned about honor. From the honor code,” wrote Time Magazine blogger Ana Marie Cox. Halldorson’s question shook up McCain’s political pseudo-event