Monday, July 13, 2020
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Comedy Mondays Come to the Pub

For undergraduate students who are too young to know better, the Anthill Pub and Grille was a staple of the graduate community at UC Irvine. Featuring weekly live performances by local bands, an outdoor patio and supposedly the cheapest billiards in town, the Anthill Pub had plenty of room and entertainment to spare.
Unfortunately, these attractive features of the Anthill Pub didn’t survive the recent renovation of the Student Center. The Pub was refurbished and reduced in size, eliminating space for the pool tables and removing the outdoor patio. The new Pub may still smell of fresh paint and squeaky-clean tables, but some of its former flair is gone.
Anthill Pub Manager Scott Winterstein is hoping to change that with a string of comedy nights and sporadic sets from local bands. Starting Monday, April 21, the Pub will host a weekly comedy night featuring local performers.
The event is the first of six planned Monday comedy nights, which, according to Winterstein, “may become a regular thing, it all depends on its success.”
As manager, Winterstein occasionally books bands to perform on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights, although the only regular performers are The Interactions, a jazz band made up of students and professors who usually play on the first Tuesday of every month.
The expansions and additions, however, are out of Winterstein’s control. The Associated Graduate Students, which is affiliated with the Pub, is responsible for all discussion with the university regarding its enlargement.
Thus, the burden of improving the Pub rests squarely on their shoulders. With the Student Center finished and open to the public for just this year, it is unlikely that funds will be allocated for further remodeling any time soon, unless the university consents to it.
Obviously, the Pub was a haven for graduate students because of its broad stock of beers, late hours and multiple forms of entertainment. “Definitely, the pool tables were a big attraction,” Winterstein admitted. “It gave the Pub a more public feel.”
Glenn Gookin, an environmental toxicology graduate student, remembers the Pub before the renovation. “The old one had a lot more space