Drop Down and Give Me Those Names! Should Army Recruiters Access Student Files?

UC Irvine students see a lot of different tables during Career Fair, usually with a couple of nicely-dressed people with clipboards and job applications. Most people have probably passed by the tables of the Police Department, Army and Air Force recruiters. However, at some schools, military recruiters are banned because of anti-war protesters and lack of access to student files typically provided to all recruiters.
The Department of Defense recently announced that it will seek the names of colleges and universities that interfere with military recruiters who visit their campuses. Any college or university found to be interfering with recruitment officers could face funding cuts from the federal government. This is making a lot of people upset.
In Berkeley, people recently protested the presence of Marine recruiters, marching and carrying signs with slogans like “You’re not welcome here.” Their position was that since the town as a whole had decided that it didn’t support the war in Iraq (somehow, I think they didn’t poll everyone when they came to that conclusion), they should not be forced to allow military recruiters to come to their town or school.
To that, I say bullshit. The fact that some people disagree with the war in Iraq does not give them the right to self-righteously ban military recruitment officers from their city. These recruitment officers are not trying to bring back the draft, nor are they causing harm to those uninterested in joining the military. They are sitting at tables and giving interested students the opportunity to talk to a recruiter or get information.
I find it tragically ironic that American colleges