Monday, July 13, 2020
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Jacketless and Apathetic in a Barren Siberia of a College

I had goosebumps. Every other day of spring was annoyingly cold, but not cold enough to wear a jacket. On those days I resorted to stowing my jacket at work and feeling a bit uncomfortable and unhappy, knowing if the time came I could at least retreat to the office on campus and bundle up. But this day was definitely cold. And I left my jacket at home.
I got off the Park West shuttle and walked toward the flagpoles, through a mass of neo-post adolescent, semi-adult children sitting next to their parents, probably waiting for a tour of the school. What is there to see? Korean BBQ? Construction? Biomedical engineering majors? I felt smug and sorry for these people.
I walked down Ring Mall and passed a girl handing out a yellow flier. “Do you want to participate in a debate?” she asked. I glanced at the flier for a second. It looked like it said something about politics, bipartisanship and the world, so I waved my hand, silently motioning, “I’m jacketless and politically apathetic.” My arms were naked and yearning for heat, without anything to cover them on what might be the only cold day of the entire season