Monday, July 13, 2020
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Undergraduate Art Sample Success

Strolling along the walkway of the School of the Arts, any informed observer will discover the University Art Gallery building’s secret entrance to “Samplings,” an art exhibition created by a selected pool of undergraduate studio art students.
Gallery visitors debate about existentialism while standing in line for caffeinated beverages as you enter the gallery. Any distractions from the outside world are left outside the door. All of a sudden, you are in a space that insinuates silent whispers of deep reflection.
As you enter through the double-doors, the first thing that catches your eye is a list of the contributors imprinted on the wall. To your right, atop a table is a binder filled with each artists’ commentary remarks on such things as their initial interpretations of each work, the process of how it was made and the questions their works raise to society.
Most works share a common theme of addressing a central issue in present-day society. These artists use their art to challenge what the human race chooses to ignore or refuses to understand more completely. Conversely, others use their pieces to celebrate the positive aspects of human progression, where we find a sense of understanding with each other through modes of communication.
Inching deeper into the gallery, each quadrant of wall space displays a different aspect of life or a different convention of thought. One of the most fascinating qualities about the exhibit is its wide range of subject matter.
From issues concerning the perception of sexual orientation to the questionable justification of intensive sweatshop labor factories, the various pieces of art exemplify an outward expression deeply ingrained in each artist’s own values and beliefs.
Just as there are a variety of topics addressed, there is also a wide array of mediums used to portray these messages. These mediums include mixed media ink jet printing photographs, acrylic, earthly materials and video channels. The variety only intrigues the audience, as these forms of expressions stray away from a monotonous and uniform ambiance. By showing different representations of expression, the gallery creates an appreciation for how each artist chooses to evoke their messages, where some are less ambiguous than others.
The most fascinating thing is that the majority of these works explore a disconnect between people within a society even when human progression is at its peak.
Nonetheless, the gallery could have had more art work to observe. There were some extra wall spaces that could have been utilized with more student works.
In addition, with multiple pieces done by the same artist, though impressive, the gallery could have had more of an appeal by getting different perspectives from different people. Overall, Samplings has a great collection of works that can easily relate to different personality types.
The gallery is open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and will run until April 19.