Me Tarzan, You Jane: Study Speaks on Sex and Society

Want sex? A new study reveals that the opposite sex can tell just by looking at your face. According to a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, our biology decides our “sociosexuality.”
In men, higher testosterone levels create more masculine features, such as a more defined jaw, smaller eyes, thicker eyebrows and a bigger nose. Higher female hormones create bigger eyes, fuller lips and a smaller jaw in women.
According to the study called “Facial Correlates of Sociosexuality,” more masculine men and more feminine women are seen as more attractive. Women prefer more masculine men for short-term relationships like one-night stands but perceive them as aggressive, dominant, more likely to cheat and more likely to become bad parents.
Men are more attracted to more feminine women who are open to short-term relationships and casual sex, although the men may not be aware of the woman’s willingness. Women look for long-term relationships with men who have less masculine characteristics, although they are very attracted to overtly masculine men.
According to another study in the same journal, feminine women and masculine men are seen as more attractive, lose their virginity earlier and have more relationships than their peers. The men in the study had more short-term relationships, and the women had more long-term relationships.
What does this mean? For one, it means that if women want to be more attractive, they should become easier. It also means that attractive men are jerks, and that most men are looking for short-term sexual gratification.
Women, watch out if you want a long-term relationship