Public NewSense

Thumbs Down: ESPN. Bill Simmons, “The Sports Guy,” scored an interview with Barack Obama, but network executives put the kibosh on the podcast, which would surely have pulled in big numbers. An ESPN spokesman said that it would have been unfair to cover only one candidate, but if Simmons and Obama (apparently a big sports fan) had talked just sports, what’s the harm, especially if he had extended an invite to Hillary Clinton?
The entertainment value of Clinton trying to pass herself off as a sports fan would have been priceless. It certainly wouldn’t have taken long for Clinton to memorize the stats of whatever team was most beneficial to her campaign. The unintentional comedy factor wouldn’t have escaped Simmons’ notice, and he would probably have done a better job of interviewing either candidate than the current crop of media “no-talent ass clowns.”

Thumbs Up: “The Colbert Report: Doritos’s Spicy Sweet Pennsylvania Primary Coverage from Chili-Delphia