Don’t Steal Our Papers

The April 14, 2008 issue of the New University contained several stories that could be considered controversial, especially by some members of the campus community. Shortly after its publication on Monday morning, the vast majority of these newspapers were methodically stolen from their distribution points around the UC Irvine campus by an unknown party that has failed to identify itself or explain its motive.
It has become apparent that there are individuals at UCI who feel justified in limiting the student body’s right to basic information, even during the week of the official campus-wide elections. We, the Editorial Board of the New University, would like to remind the UCI community that we are dedicated to reporting the news that we feel is important and relevant to our campus, regardless of attempted obstruction, intimidation and other interruptions to our daily business.
We find it despicable that certain members of university community, which was established upon the free exchange of ideas, would feel justified in the cowardly act of denying the right of the campus to public information and free speech. We have not received a single complaint of untrue, libelous or defamatory content, so we can only assume that the reason for the thefts was not because we got something wrong.
We call upon the student body to champion such fundamentals as free expression, debate, intellectualism and democracy within an environment of respect, moderation and equality. We would also like to remind our readers that our weekly content is always available on our Web site (you know, this one) at