Public NewSense

Thumbs down: Riding the Shaggin’ Wagon to Irony Town. “A conservative third-party group led by infamous ad man Floyd Brown claims Senator [Barack] Obama is weak on street gangs and will be just as easy with terrorists,” said MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer. “Well, here’s the catch. Brown does not have a single ad buy in any TV market. Instead of paying for airtime, he just announces this in a press release for outlets like YouTube. … Is this a new way to get your ad covered without buying any time?”
While bemoaning Brown’s shady quest for free coverage, Brewer must have missed the memo on the irony of MSNBC’s shady contribution to said coverage. With a sad, sad lack of self-awareness, self-deprecation or, heck, sense, the network aired the ad for free while claiming that Brown was counting on “outlets” airing the ad for free. According to MSNBC’s new slogan, the network offers “a fuller spectrum of news.” Thanks to this story, we now know exactly what that spectrum is full of.
Thumbs Down: And It Felt So Nice, He Did It Twice: “[Obama] can’t walk into a dinette with five or six guys there—white guys, in some cases. He can’t just shake hands and hang out,” said Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball.” One week later, the intrepid anchor reported that “[Obama] doesn’t seem to have the knack for walking into a dinette with regular people in it and just having fun.” Hey, have you heard the one where Mathews, Brewer and a real, relevant reporter walk into a “dinette”…?