Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Drawn and Quoted

Too “Close” for Comfort: “Let’s be honest here. Hillary Clinton is Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction.’ She’s going to keep coming back, and they’re not going to stop her,” said National Public Radio political director Ken Rudin on the April 27 edition of CNN’s Sunday Morning. Three days later, the director had decided that the comparison was “Close,” but no cigar. “I wish I hadn’t [said that]” he said. Somewhere, Reverend Jeremiah Wright is taking out a restraining order.

Double-Douchebagging It: Speaking of Wright, Fox News radio host John Gibson aired an audio clip of MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow asking, “What else has to happen in the news to push Jeremiah Wright out of the headlines?” After her audio, Gibson aired a clip of a man saying, “Oooh, lesbians. Yummy.”
Apparently, making random lesbian references in a crass grab at an I’m-with-stupid audience felt so nice, he did it twice. Gibson went on to add, “Did I tell you about the people … on the island of Lesbos?” Saying the right thing at the right time…priceless. Saying the “Wright” thing at the “Wright” time, all the bleeping time … the mainstream media on the presidential primaries.