Nice Guys Who Wear Pink Shirts Get All The Girls. True or False?

“Why do guys like to wear pink?”
“Sex and the City” tells us that pink is the new black. No, wait, maybe it doesn’t. Pink is the new fashion statement of the 21st century. For women, pink may signal femininity. For men, it’s masculinity. Pink may look good on certain men that have the skin tone to pull it off. For most men, pink is supposed to exude flair, sensitivity and confidence. Whether they successfully pull it off is dependent on the guy.
Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to say on the subject except that it is overrated. Let me make this clear to the guys reading this column right now: Pink is not for everyone! Try it first. Start small. Ties and T-shirts might work. If you feel bold, go ahead. However, when wearing pink, don’t slump. Walk with confidence! Know that you won’t be crossed without being looked at … twice.
“Why don’t girls go for the nice guys?”
This is an age-old question, isn’t it? As a girl, I have to say, it’s the edge. Most girls won’t go for guys that will bend over backwards for them. Girls aren’t much different from guys. Girls also like challenges. Girls also like to be kept on their toes. Oh, and when I say “most girls” I mean me.
What do you mean by nice? Does nice mean decent? Does nice include chivalry? I refuse to believe that chivalry is dead. For those of you who are chivalrous, kudos to you! For you, it will not be long until you find a girl. If nice means drooling on your crush’s Chanel stilettos, that angle isn’t going to work for you, hon’. Sorry. If nice means holding your own, being your own individual and being human enough to admit to faults and insecurities, I wouldn’t really know the answer to your question. I would totally go for him!

Grace Chung is a third year international studies major. Her advice does not represent the views of the New University. She can be contacted at