News In Brief

Company Holds Patient Trials for Drugs Developed by Campus Researchers
UC Irvine biologists Tom Lane and Hans Keirstead have developed new medications containing antibodies capable of fighting inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis.
Mederex Incorporated have purchased the patents for the medicine and are currently scheduled to conduct phase II of the human trial, which will allow the antibodies to be tested on a larger body of patients than the phase I testing.
If all goes well and the medicine proves to be beneficial in working against inflammatory diseases, and also has no severe health detriments, one more phase of testing will be required before it can be presented for approval by the Food and Drug Administration.
The breakthrough in Lane and Keirstead’s work came earlier this decade, when the pair discovered that the same compounds capable of blocking inflammatory diseases occurred in autoimmune diseases. From these findings, the two were able to identify the appropriate compounds and utilize them in their medicine in order to combat ailments that include the aforementioned rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis.

Orange County Leaders and Mascots Storm the Capitol Building
A group of leaders and mascots from various Orange County colleges and universities recently visited the Capitol Building in Sacramento, in order to inform lawmakers of contributions the group’s respective institutions have made to the California economy. Schools that participated included UC Irvine, Cal State University Fullerton, Rancho Santiago Community College District (CCD), South Orange County CCD and Coast CCD.

UC Irvine Awards 2008 Medals to Four Recipients
A couple and two individuals will be recognized with UC Irvine Medals for their accomplishments in the campus community on October 3 and 4 in the Barclay Theatre and Bren Events Center, respectively.
Carol and Ralph Cicerone, the couple that will jointly receive an award, first came to UCI in 1989 when Ralph served as founding chair of the earth system science department. In 1998 he became Chancellor of UCI, a position he held until 2005. Carol also proved to be a valuable asset to the campus community, as she was awarded the Extraordinarius Award by the UCI Alumni Association in 2003. This award was presented to Carol for her contributions as a teacher, researcher and campus advocate.
James Mazzo, also receiving a medal, has contributed to UCI primarily through the medical field. Among Mazzo’s accomplishments are having acted as chairman and chief executive officer of Advanced Medical Optics and chair of the Eye Institute capital campaign.
The final recipient, Stanley van den Noort, has worked on developing a neurology department at UCI for several decades. From 1973 to 1985, van den Noort served as the dean of the College of Medicine, and in more recent years has served as the chief medical officer of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
The Medal Awards are presented annually. Nominations are sent out each year to the UCI community, after which a committee meets to discuss recipient selections. Their decisions are then presented to the chancellor.

Researcher Receives Grant to Study HIV
The National Institute of Allergy has awarded Dr. Donald Forthal $427,000 to study, over the next two years, how antibodies can affect HIV. Despite this sizeable budget, Forthal is only one part of a larger effort to find a vaccine for HIV. This greater goal has been difficult to fulfill because of HIV’s ability to shield itself from the effects of antibodies. However, Forthal is optimistic, noting that his efforts will be a “return to basics.”