Fashion Interests Groups

Fashion Interest Group in conjunction with the Alliance of Business Students held “Where Fashion and Entertainment Meets Business.” The event featured a runway show, dance performance and producer Mark Dragin at UC Irvine on Tuesday, May 27 in Pacific Ballroom D. However, the highlight of the event was the runway show, which displayed students’ designer collections, by Coco Mohnkern, Louise Lao, Teresa Williams and Melanie Lee.
The show began with a performance by the band Clarke, which played many tunes marked by soft pop-rock melodies. Up next was the Chinese Association Dance Crew that danced its last performance of the year at the show.
First up on the runway featured first-year Mohnkern’s designs; summertime burst into the room as students modeled a kaleidoscope of bright colors to Pink Floyd’s “We Don’t Need No Education.” Her look ranged from short and flirty white and black dresses to longer, satiny powder pink and blue airy ones.
The first dress was a short black polka dotted white dress followed by another black and white fruit patterned dress with a frilly collar. Polka dots played a big role, as the next dress was composed of a crimson red and white polka dotted top attached to a lemon yellow skirt, illuminated by a multicolored floral print.
The next dress, a versatile white top, soft pink middle and navy blue skirt could be dolled up or played down, depending on the occasion. A trim and tailored navy blue dress featured large white roses sewn along the neckline and along a low-cut back line. When asked why she chose a summertime theme, Mohnkern said, “I have a pretty bubbly personality and I just like bright colors.”
Williams, a second-year art history major, liked to think of her style for the runway as “vintage mixed with modern,” along with a classic color scheme of jet black, 24-carat gold, olive green and navy blue. The first dress was a sophisticated blue halter, accompanied by a thick black belt and a high, waistline buttoned gray skirt. Her look went from classy chic to flirty and showy with a short white halter dress. Her show ended with two satiny dresses, one was a short sea blue dress marked by a silky black tie. The last dress, a black bubble dress with a mini gold skirt peeping from underneath the bubble hemline hung off by a gold bow on the right shoulder. She joined FIG this quarter because, “UCI doesn’t have any emphasis on fashion so just take whatever opportunities you can.”
First-year literary journalism major, Lao, had her dresses modeled against the backdrop of one of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new songs, “Isis.” Lao also chose a classic color scheme of nude, black, gray and white, but only because she had to.
“I don’t have a car, so I couldn’t go to different places to get fabric. I just had to go to one place and get the best kind of fabric, which happened to only come in the neutral colors,” Lao said. Still, she pulled off a fabulous array of neutral colored dresses, with sassy cuts on the upper back and multicolored skirts for the dresses.
“To mix it up, I would take gray fabric and paint black and white streaks on it. Everything was hand-sewn because I don’t have a sewing machine with me at school,” Lao said. One of the most impressive dresses made was a short black dress with a gray belt coupled with a dark gray rose on the right side.
The last, and certainly not least, student designer was Lee, whose style might best be described as urban and one-of-a-kind chic. One dress, in particular, was an interestingly made pink tube top sewn with a gray buttoned skirt that looked like it was made out of a shirt from the back.
The show went from fun and urban to smart and stylish with a yellow top sewn to a baby blue skirt, with yellow and red flower print. The last outfit ended the show with a 1980s twist as a student model strutted down the runway in a deep purple shirt along with long, baggy jean shorts over black mesh tights and white boots that went halfway up her shins. A simple yet bold plaid print also played a role featuring mostly yellow brown and red plaid printed skirts accompanied with ivory white tops.
Diana Kang and Heidi Rohl founded FIG last year with the intention of catering to students interested in any and all aspects of the fashion industry. It is devoted to developing the talents and needs of students trying to break into the fashion field. ABS is the umbrella organization representing the nine premiere business-oriented clubs at UCI. It was founded in 2003, and since then has continued to foster entrepreneurship, networking and leadership on campus.