Staff Farewell by Stella Cho

Older students have always told me that your college years are the best years of your life—so live it up! Looking back, I can say one thing: So far, so good. What made my experience so great? I can’t sum it up in one word, but here are some people who have contributed to who I became at UC Irvine (in no particular order):
Ayako and Rochelle: Camino, shopping, tanning wherever we could, Yogurtland, movies, nights out with the girls, clubbing, cooking, chauffeuring me when I didn’t have a car my second year, “Summer Nights,” creepy men, checks for 50 cents, philosophical (and blond) moments, through bad tempers and bad weather, boyfriends and family, roommates of three years in Toscana, my living journals, my best friends.
Anam and Daniel: My news associates at the New University, trustworthy, silly, dependable, determined, virtuous, loyal, new leaders of the newspaper, in the office until 2 a.m., late-night runs to Taco Bell, driving to Arroyo Vista, drama, drama, drama. May it never happen again.
Amy DePaul and Barry Siegel: Literary journalism professors, mentors and friends who helped me cultivate a passion for reporting. A few familiar words: BASE jumping (maybe one day) and the New U. Your expertise and advice have definitely carved many new experiences for me, and I thank you both for supporting me throughout the years.
Mom and Dad: Late phone calls, philosophical talks, Konglish (Korean-English language fusion), 21 years of joy and suffering (mostly joy, I’m sure), loyalty, faith and resilient love. I love you both very much.