UCI Fight Night a Hit

Courtesy of Andrew Molyneux

Courtesy of Andrew Molyneux
Heavyweights Watkins and Tomov duke it out in first round matchup.

The Westminster Boxing Club hosted UC Irvine’s Fight Night, an exciting non-collegiate sporting event on Thursday night. It featured six fights, with three one-minute rounds and a crowd eager to see some knock-outs. They were not let down. The event was put on by Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi and the Rugby team to support UCI’s Healthcare Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. They raised well over $3,000 for the center with over 400 people in attendance. With the winner of the fights being decided by the loudness of the crowd’s applause, it was sure to be an exciting night.

Cina Moheimani vs. Allain Williams
Kappa Sigma

As the opening bell rang, it was clear who had the advantage. Allain Williams opened the first round with clean jabs and smooth foot work to fend off the freewheeling style of Cina Moheimani. In the second round, Williams landing a number of uppercuts putting Moheimani on his heels and forcing him to go to plan B—lock Williams up. But Williams prevailed in the third, landing three devastating upper cuts and locking up the victory.

Joseph Marion vs. Dana Hagist
Phi Kappa Psi

The battle between army vet Dana Hagist and Marine-in-training Joseph Marion was arguably the best boxing match of the night. Both came out swinging, but some big left hooks from Hagist set the tone for the whole fight. The second round displayed Hagist’s strategy of allowing Marion to throw three hit combos that would leave him defenseless. Even though some of the combos landed, Hagist’s counter left hooks landed harder, it was the last hook that left the crowd wanting more. In the final round, Hagist landed a devastating left hook to Marion’s right temple and it was lights out. Hagist had the first TKO of the night.

Joe Hobbs vs. Ryan Landeck
Sigma Alpha Epsilon

The knock-out power from Ryan Landeck and quick hands from Joe Hobbs made this fight one of the best fights of the night. Landeck showed his power from the start as he knocked down Hobbs in the first round with a huge right uppercut, but Joe Hobbs got back on his feet. With each fighter throwing huge punches throughout the match, the anxious crowd waited to see a knock-out blow, but both fighters kept narrowly missing. In the end, the brute strength of Landeck’s punches proved to win the crowd over as he bested the resilient Hobbs.

Ali Bushra vs. Chris Pelch
Phi Kappa Psi

This was the first fight of the night that had two completely different fighting styles. Chris Pelch held his own throughout the match with long jabs and good defense against the boisterous and stylish boxing of Ali Bushra. The edge was clearly to Bushra, but Pelch fought through some of Bushra’s clean combos, and even landed a few solid uppercuts. The defensive style of Pelch never allowed Bushra to get into his rhythm, and the crowd decided on an extra round. Bushra made quick work of the extra time and TKO’d Pelch within the first 10 seconds, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

James Fraser vs. Anthony Kline
Rugby Team

Both fighters displayed great technique and heavy knock out potential. Anthony Kline sneaked in numerous combos only to be answered by a big, straight right hand from James Fraser. In the second round, Fraser sent Kline into the ropes where he miraculously stayed on his feet. This became Kline’s mode of operation as he stayed on his feet after every devastating right hand from Fraser. But in the end, it was the overpowering of Fraser that won the crowd over, and won Fraser the fight.

Nick Watkins vs. Marko Tomov
Phi Kappa Psi

For the featured fight of the night, the match between these two heavyweights did not disappoint. With Nick Watkins being projected to win, the underdog Marko Tomov had nothing to loose and clearly embraced his underdog role. Watkins came out with a bang, establishing himself as the enforcer, but Tomov would not be denied as he had better technique against the brute force of Watkins. The first two rounds were dominated by Watkins and his double-punch style that kept putting Tomov on his heels. Tomov started to make his move in the third round, as the crowd was chanting “Watkins.” Like Ali did to Foreman, Tomov let Watkins out-punch himself in the final rounds. Tomov capitalized with devastating punches from all angles. The tides had turned and the crowd did, too. Both battled exhaustion to knock the other out, but pure heart would not let that happen. As the final bell rang, Tomov’s consistent combos got him the win as the whole crowd started chanting, “MARKO! MARKO! MARKO!”