Acrobatics Everyday Enlivens the Night

Imagine band paraphernalia being peddled out of a car trunk, the perfume of familiar beverages in the air and a chocolate box assortment of “scene kids,” scruffy plaid wearers and token “you don’t look like you go here”-ers, mildly rocking out on a Tuesday night as the sun set. All this at UC Irvine. Who would have expected such a thing?
Organized by the group Acrobatics Everyday, this was the scene of a concert on July 8, featuring indie/punk bands Christmas Island, Meth Teeth, Party Fowl and Sprawl Out.
The event was just one of a string of shows that have been orchestrated by Acrobatics Everyday since January. The group’s goal is to “bring worthwhile music to [UCI]” and beckons “those who have waved a fist in the air in the name of art and experience at UCI and in Orange County to come out” to the shows.
A throng of thirty or so listened as the trio Christmas Island kicked- off the night. The band monotonically belted out straightforward lyrics such as “Black cloud hanging over my head / And it wants me dead” (fittingly too, as it was very gloomy and overcast that night) and “I don’t care what you want to do / I would do anything with you / I like you.” The lyrics were accompanied by simplistic chords and sporadically catchy, pop-rock-esque riffs, which evoked images of summertime with The Beach Boys—only, more drab and less wholesome. Afterwards, the band humbly boasted, “We have free buttons!”
The night progressed as Meth Teeth, from Portland, OR., took stage. Meth Teeth’s performance had a rough, discordant, guitar-heavy style. Although its name might suggest otherwise, the band flitted dangerously close to sounding like Interpol at times. Although it was nearly impossible to hear the lyrics, it was still clear that Meth Teeth was a bit on the melancholic side.
Matty, the band’s vocalist, gave a bit of background about Meth Teeth, explaining, “I was playing as a one man folk band and I wanted to sound like the unfolk-iest band ever because I didn’t want to be associated with weird hippie folk music so I gave it that name. It was kind of a joke. Once the ball got rolling, which I didn’t really expect, I tried to change it, but my friends gave me a bunch of shit about it.”
Party Fowl was the last band that played before UCIPD came to “uphold justice,” as one band member cheekily described it, by stopping the show because of noise complaints. Performer Magazine described the band’s material as “lack[ing] variety” and “sounding mostly the same” while its members performed with “intense enthusiasm [which is] difficult to watch.”
The magazine was half-correct; most of Party Fowl’s songs would have been nearly indistinguishable from one another had the band not been performing live. The band’s energy was entertaining, though, and certainly the frontman performed with a slightly epileptic, quirky flair. During the song “STD,” a moan of sheer ecstasy pervaded the air, but not before the band jokingly cautioned, “STDs. You’re in college. Watch out for them.”
Acrobatics Everyday is masterminded by Sam Farzin, a fourth-year film and media studies and art history double major and Jeff Kyle, a self- declared “almost UCI alum.”
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