Overheard @ UCI

Girl #1 reading small inscription on the bench:
“Oh my god, you have to, like, die just to get a bench? That’s like, like morbid!”
Girl #2: “Yeah, that’s like … morbid.”
— On a Bench in Aldrich Park
Overheard by: Patty Calbay

Girl standing in front of the milk machines:
“2% milk? I want the whole milk, not just 2% of it.”
— Pippin Commons
Overheard by: Sou Phommalinh

Guy walking out of lecture:
“Oh my god, I heart Costco!”
— Humanities Hall
Overheard by: Christina Siew

Guy #1: “So it was only one unicorn?”
Guy #2: “Yeah man, only one.”
— Outside Humanities Hall
Overheard by: Erin Liegghio