Public NewSense

Thumbs Down to the McCain Campaign: When appearing at a news conference in Iowa to explain why the first bailout plan failed to pass, John McCain blamed “Senator Obama and his allies in Congress” for infusing “unnecessary partisanship into the process.” Being the patron of comedy that he is, and oblivious of his previous comments, McCain added, “Now is not the time to fix the blame. It’s time to fix the problem.” So the Maverick attempted to fix the problem with a microphone and a nonpartisan blame finger by blaming his opponent for partisanship. Only Sarah Palin would miss the sad irony of his speech.
Thumbs Down to Candidate Dino Rossi: Washington gubernatorial candidate Don Rossi is attempting to veil his party affiliation by listing his party preference on the November ballot as GOP rather than Republican. The move incited a lawsuit by the state Democratic Party on the grounds that “allowing Mr. Rossi to obscure his true party preference and affiliation directly violates the law, would mislead a substantial portion of the voting public and would breed cynicism and mistrust in public institutions and, indeed, in [the] electoral process.” The Ross campaign called the move “desperate” and denied that the term created any confusion. Not so, according to independent pollster Stuart Elway, who found that Ross gained 6 percent of votes by running as a GOP rather than a Republican. In the midst of President Bush’s historically low approval ratings, it’s no surprise why Ross would obscure his party affiliations. The move warrants sympathy for a Republican desperately scared of his own party’s shadow.
Thumbs Down to the Chicago Cubs: Entering the postseason with the best record in the National League, the Chicago Cubs were expected to compete in the World Series later this October. However, like they have done for a century, the Cubs exited the season without a crown. They lost their ninth straight postseason game after getting swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cubs only mustered six runs in three games and are poised to limp through a long winter. Aside from failing to meet expectations, the Cubs still have one thing going for them: At least they are not the Mets.