Getting to Know Jane Chin

Courtesy of UCI Athletics

Courtesy of UCI Athletics
Chin (left) and Joy Trotter are all smiles after winning the tournament.

UC Irvine women’s golfer Jane Chin led her team to a win at the Coast BMW Intercollegiate. All five Anteaters finished in the top 10 with Chin taking the top spot.
Chin red-shirted her senior year, last year. She took a year off without using a year of elgibility.
Chin sat down with the New University to tell us about herself.

New University: First things first: Talk about the first win.
Jane Chin: I guess it wasn’t that strong of a field, but winning by 12 shots always feels good. However, it wasn’t like I played super well. I did play consistent, which is what I want to do. The course wasn’t easy; it was kind of tough. My putting was a little off.

New U: You weren’t even on your game and yet you won by 12 strokes?
Chin: (laughs) Yeah, I guess …

New U: You made a very rare move and red-shirted your senior year [last year] without any academic issues or injury. Why did you?
Chin: Well, I just wanted to take a year off to improve on some stuff. I wanted to turn pro, but I knew I wasn’t ready for it. So I took that year off to help me out and it has helped me out a lot. My swing is better, and I’ve gotten better mentally.

New U: Was it your decision to red-shirt, or was there some other kind of influence?
Chin: It was mine. I brought it up to coach. We talked about it, and I thought about it for a bit, and then just did it.

New U: How did that decision play into your academic schedule?
Chin: I had to add a minor. I could graduate this quarter, but I decided to take it easier and take few classes and then graduate in the spring.

New U: Selanee Henderson and Kim Lorenzana did so well last year, did you ever feel left out because you were not eligible to play?
Chin: We came in together, and I did not really have any plans of red-shirting until last year. We were pretty successful as a team with all three of us, but I just felt like I had to do what I had to do.

New U: There has been so much UCI Big West golf success (four consecutive titles), and with the arguably two best players graduated, now you’re back. The team is young, and you’re the senior. How do you handle the pressure?
Chin: Honestly, I don’t feel any pressure. Obviously, I wanted to be on that team last year and win. But I think we have a good group of girls and I am pretty sure we can win it this year.

New U: Have you had a senior moment yet?
Chin: (laughs) The freshman stayed at my house for the first two weeks because the dorms weren’t open. It was kind of hard for me because they were a lot younger, and I didn’t know what to talk about.

New U: Was there any moment you looked at them and was like “Man, they are weird”?
Chin: (laughs) I understood everything they were talking about, and I’m sure I was like that when I was young, maybe worse.
New U: I get it, you are protecting, but you can’t escape this one: Who is the weirdest girl on the team?
Chin: Sarah Fox because she is so random and always energetic.

New U: What is your favorite movie?
Chin: Any kind of action movie.
New U: Any one in particular?
Chin: I like ” The Notebook.”
New U: That doesn’t make any sense!

New U: If you were to have any career other than golf, what would it be?
Chin: Probably law enforcement.
New U: Law enforcement, why?
Chin: I’m a crim major. I wanted to do on-the-field work.
New U: Like shooting people?
Chin: I don’t think I could do that. If I worked in Irvine, I probably wouldn’t have to.
New U: Where would you want to work, Compton or Irvine? You like the action movies.
Chin: Definitely not some place too deadly, probably Santa Ana.
New U: Have you expressed this to your parents?
Chin: I have, but everyone just laughs about it. Hopefully golf works out.