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Doctor Treated at UC Irvine Medical Center Attacked Psychiatrist
The Medical Board of California’s decision to restrict Brendan Mull’s practice of medicine for attacking his psychiatrist this time last year was effective on Oct. 8, 2008.
On Oct. 12, 2007, Mull attended a session with his psychiatrist in which she recommended that he consider hospitalization. According to the psychiatrist, Mull grabbed her by the neck, pushed her against the wall and yelled, “Why are you doing this to me?”
After the incident, Mull was subdued and hospitalized. The board requested that he obtain medical and psychiatric evaluations, after which it was determined that he suffered from bipolar disorder as well as an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs.
UC Irvine obtained a restraining order against Mull last fall for the incident and the Medical Board of California continued with disciplinary action. Mull and the board agreed to submit to a probationary period of seven years.
Mull’s probationary period includes requirements such as abstaining from controlled substances, attending psychotherapy, submitting to biological fluid test requests, and undergoing medical evaluation. His patient record must also be monitored, and he is prohibited from practicing medicine.
If Mull violates the stipulations of his probation, his medical license could be revoked.
The original report indicated that, at the time, Mull was employed at the UCI Medical Center, which was false. Mull was working part-time as a pediatric neurologist for Kaiser Permanente when he attacked his psychiatrist outside of a UCI Medical Center operating room.