Overheard @ UCI

Physics Discussion:
“How many seconds are in a Newton?”
— Rowland Hall
Overheard by: Andrew Bai

Guy on Cell Phone:
“Yeah, if I was there, I would have stabbed him in the face. Yep, stabbed him in the face … with a gun.”
— Humanities Bridge
Overheard by: Drew McCarroll

Guy 1: “Where’s Pennsylvania anyways?”
Guy 2: I don’t know, like pretty far.”
Guy 1: “On the East?”
Guy 2: “Like North, right?”
— Arts Bridge
Overheard by: Traci Garling Lee

At the Rock for Darfur concert:
“So, when are Darfur playing?”
— Crystal Cove Auditorium
Overheard by: Baptiste Miremont