Public NewSense

Thumbs Down to United States Congressman John Lewis: Lewis recently compared Republican presidential candidate John McCain to former Alabama governor George Wallace for “sowing the seeds of hatred and division” during his campaign rallies by making anti-Obama remarks. Okay, so McCain has voiced outright attacks against Obama along with mudslinging campaign advertisements. However, what does Lewis expect? This is a race for the highest political office in the nation, not a tea party. By comparing McCain to a man who supported segregation to such an extent that he threw his body in front of a university’s doorway, Lewis is only adding on muck to the mudslinging season. What next, Adolf Hitler comparisons?
Thumbs Up to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: The NAACP has targeted 750 precincts throughout the United States to deploy lawyers to in case of voter disenfranchisement on Election Day. And an extra thumbs up for the lawyers being sent to Florida or Ohio.
Thumbs Up to the Golden Gate Bridge Directors: The Board of Directors has voted in favor of establishing 3.4 miles of netting around the Northern California landmark to prevent suicides.
However, the downside is that, as the San Francisco Chronicle reports, it is expected to take a few years to gather funding for the project and to carry out a variety of studies, including what impact the nets will have on birds. While the former reason seems logical enough, disadvantaging a few pigeons hardly seems like a valid reason to get in the way of saving human lives.
Thumbs Down to the Michigan Department of Agriculture: Following an outbreak of sickness stemming from E. coli found in tainted iceberg lettuce in metropolitan Detroit, state officials quickly named the source of the sullied produce—the wrong source. State officials originally held Aunt Mid’s Produce of Detroit accountable for the contaminated vegetable, which bears a resemblance to the standard cabbage. However, after further investigation, the source was found to be a couple thousand miles to the west. Yes, it was California’s crappy cabbage.